How we met?
Short answer: He googled me.
How? Using the online dating agency?
No. Here is our story.

Act One
In November 2003 in a small, beautiful town of Salzburg, Austria I started my blog. It was born as a necessity. All my friends kept asking me to write them letters about my life in the Alps. Because of too many friends, too many letters, technology came to the rescue. This is how I began putting my everyday life experiences on the web. And I slowly gained a readership, going beyond the circle of my friends and family. I got so used to it that when my Austrian adventure ended after three years and I returned to Poland, I kept on writing. It was not anymore about Salzburg, of course, but about ups and downs of my newly repatriated habitant of the capital city of Warsaw, Poland. To cheer me up a little bit, I chose the always optimistic, little beagle, Snoopy, character as the layout for my blog.

Act Two
On a different continent in a small town called P. (at that time I did not even know it existed) Greg started another esoteric search on Google. This time He was searching for some more information about a 1960s little known polish rock group. As luck would have it, the name of my blog was the same as the name of that group. Complex, secret algorithm used by Google Incorporated churned for a few milliseconds and then a link to my blog came up as the first result of the research. He probably would have ignored this page – there was nothing about the rock group on it – but he was a big fan of Peanuts, so Snoopy made him stop and begin to read. The entry that he stumbled upon was describing the hardships and joys of life in Warsaw where he was born and spent his childhood and youth. He must have found it interesting enough that He became a regular reader though being six thousand miles away.

Act Three
Six thousand miles away I had no idea that someone in California read my blog. I became aware, however, that someone much closer to me read everything I wrote and is not very happy with some of my comments. I discovered this when my boss called me to his office and said that some of my co-workers were unhappy with my candid descriptions of the office politics.
I knew immediately that I needed either to stop writing or make my blog accessible to only verified and trusted readers. The choice was easy and the very next day I wrote in my blog that my readers would need to obtain a password from me if they wanted to continue reading.

Act Four

He clearly wanted to continue reading, so he wrote an email where He introduced himself and asked for a secret word. I was curious, I asked him to write more about himself, and that is how our relationship started.
From one email to another, we were getting to know each other better.
Long, rainy, autumn evenings were conductive to writing long letters. There was actually something romantic in writing to him, because the nine hours time difference, he was asleep, and he would read my words when he woke up and I would be asleep. It was even more romantic when in one of those letters Greg invited me to spend a weekend in Paris with him. And days later he waited for me at the Charles De Gaulle Airport holding a large staffed Snoopy.

It is four years later and I am happily married to him. I am writing this story on this same blog with Snoopy layout. I am not in Salzburg, not in Warsaw, but here in P. and sometimes I cannot stop thinking what my life would be like if Google search was never invented.


Our Story — 3 Comments

  1. Wow, nie dosc ze Wasza historia jest piekna sama w sobie, to jest pieknie przedstawiona. Az sie milo czytalo. Zapewne nie jeden przecietny amerykanin mial by trudnosci ze zrozumieniem niektorych slow… :)

    Wpadlam dzis na Twoja stronke by zobaczyc co u Ciebie, bo dawno tu juz nie bylam, ale to przez slub i przeprowadzke do innego Stanu. Ah pewnie Ty jestes jedna z tych nie wielu osob ktora potrafi zrozumiec kilkakrotna przeprowadzke… przeprowadzke dla meza :)

    Pozdrawiam i zycze Wam samych pogodnych dni, i lat pelen cudownych wspomnien..

  2. Super historia, współczesny Kopciuszek, odnaleziony przez Google:-)

  3. Tak fajna, ze aż trudno uwierzyć ze mogło się to wydarzyć na prawdę.

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