Standardowy, 5cio paragrafowy esej, o przedmiocie, który bardzo chciało się mieć, o tym jak się go otrzymało, lub nie otrzymało, o tym co się czuło gdy się było w jego posiadaniu, lub nie.
Moje pisanie przedstawia jeden z największych prezentów jakie sama sobie wręczyłam – komputer.
Z dedykacją dla Basi R. (dziękując za pierwszą przygodę z internetem) i Piotra F. (dziękując za pierwszą przygodę z komputerem – moim własnym!)

The Gift

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Imagine your life without computers. For me it is not difficult: I remember exactly this time in my life, and I remember when personal computers first came to my country. I had just started attending high school, and some of my wealthy classmates had their own PCs. I was sad. I was envious. I really wanted to have a computer at home on my desk. Unfortunately, I could not have one. I asked my father for extra money. I tried to save my allowance, but computers were much too expensive for my pocket. Then having my own computer became a huge dream in my life – something that I really wanted more than anything else in the word. Since that time, my life has changed in many ways, and of course in this particular one: today I have my own computer. But it was a long and hard process to become the owner of my own PC. Let me present here why I desired this object so much, what I did to have it, and how I felt when I got my first notebook-computer.

I was probably twelve years old when my friend invited me to her home and I saw for the first time a personal computer, and I really fell in love with it. It was a big grey box with a big monitor, a keyboard, a mouse and Windows 3.11 as an operating system. She asked her father if we could play a little bit, and this was my first occasion to learn how to use a mouse. We spent some time playing simple games and of course Solitaire, which was my favorite. My father used to play different solitaire games using traditional playing cards, and I was so fascinated by the fact that now one could play this same game on a computer. Suddenly all regular toys lost my attention. I stopped playing with dolls, and I did not have any more fun with a skipping rope. I wanted to have this magic object which I could touch in special ways and see the results on the screen. I wanted to write letters, I wanted to calculate numbers, and I wanted to play games. But I could not have my computer, and the reason was very simple: I did not have enough money. However, I always asked my friends who had PCs, if I could use them, and when they agreed I was in heaven. It was great to learn something new from them about their computers. Year after year, the operating systems and the design changed, but I was always up to date even not having computer at home. And then the Internet was born, and with it came the Internet Cafés. In Europe, where not everybody has a computer at home, they are still very popular. Having access to the Internet at home is not cheap, and some people cannot afford this. They always can go to Internet Café to check their emails or to chat with their friends. A friend of mine was an owner of Cyber Cafe, and she always allowed me to stay at her place and use a computer for free. She introduced me to email and the Internet Real Chat (IRC). I was, and still am, so fascinated by the possibility of communication via the Internet. The only sad thing was that I did not have my own computer. I could use it at school, at my friend’s houses, at my work, at the Internet Café, but not at my home. The dream was still a dream.

“Who can give me a real PC, or money to buy one?” I asked myself. It was the time when Microsoft with Bill Gates at the top became very popular. I thought that I could write a letter to Mr. Gates and ask him if he would offer me only one small PC. My English was very poor then, and I did not have his address; that is why I gave up. I knew that if I wanted to have a computer, I had to work hard to earn money. And I did so. I worked in Austria as an au-pair girl and I saved every single Eurocent. After a while, at the age of 26 I had enough money to buy my first laptop. I was very excited that I was so close to being an owner. I felt that my dream was coming true. It was July, 2003, a sunny day, when I met my friend with whom I wanted to buy a laptop. He was my advisor; he knew what I should buy. I had a pocket full of money, and I was well enough prepared for this transaction. We went to the store, wherewe were talking with sales clerk, and after few minutes a new beautiful notebook was introduced to me. I could not believe that it was all mine! I did not have to share it with anybody! I could work or play with it as long as I wanted or could.

I was extremely happy. I felt proud of myself. It was one of these dreams that came true, and I knew that it was only because I really believed and I worked hard to achieve it. I felt that all those long years of waiting, working, and saving money were worth it. It was the best gift I have ever given to myself. Having my own PC opened many new windows for me: I started to write a blog; I was able to share my pictures with my friends; I met many interesting people in cyberspace. Some of the people whom I met through the Internet became my good friends in real life. One of them is today my husband.

Achieving a dream of owning an object which I wanted more than anything else in the world was a great lesson for me. I did this through my own hard work and this taught me that I always can rely on myself. I learned that sometimes I have to wait for something that I want, even long years, but in the end I will get it. This reminds me of the words of the late 20th century British philosopher, Mick Jagger: “You can’t always get what you want but if you really try, you just might get what you need.” With no PC and Internet I would not be in America today, so of course I cannot imagine my life without computers.


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  1. Bardzo ładna praca domowa, fajnie że piszesz w języku angielskim bo mam okazję trochę się podszkolic i przypomniec sobie angielski.

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