Poniższą pracę domową (essay) z j.angielskiego, której tematem było napisanie historii, z udziałem przynajmniej dwóch osób i użyciem form mowy zależnej i niezależnej, dedykuję Jankowi K.  Zawsze będę pamiętać tamten dzień, bardzo spłoszoną mnie i Janka rewelacyjnie negocjującego cenę kupowanego mieszkania.

     I have always dreamt of my own home. Since I left my family home at age eighteen, I have lived in a dorm, in a rented apartment, or with a family for which I worked. I never had a place I could call my own. Finally, after ten years of this, I had a well paying, steady job, I could get a loan and buy a little apartment in Warsaw. I found exactly what I wanted to buy. However, there was one big problem. The price was too high and I did not know how to negotiate down.
     I went to see my friend John, who had bought his own apartment two month earlier, and I said, “Could you help me negotiate the price of the apartment I want to buy?” He said, “No problem, I will help you.” The next day we went to see the owner. Her first words were that there were many people who wanted to buy this place and that I had to make the decision very quickly. I got scared and I was ready to give up. But John started to list the faults of the apartment. He said, “ It is far from the Center, the building is old, and the bathroom requires a major renovation.” He proposed a price that was much less than the asking price. I almost fainted! I was sure that the owner would kick us out. But she calmly said that there were many positive aspects to the place and she proposed a price that was higher that what John had said but still lower than the asking price. I was ready to pay that price but John kept arguing for a lower price again. I thought, “Any time a new buyer could show up and pay the asking price, and I would lose my dream place.” I was really worried. I could not listen to the negotiation any more. Suddenly, John turned to me and said, “Is this good for you?” and he named the price that was lower than before. I agreed quickly and I was very happy that I would have my own apartment after all. When John and I left, I thanked him for all his help. He said to me that he could have negotiated an even lower price. He recognized that the owner was willing to accept less money. I was shocked, because I did not notice anything like this, and I admired John for his negotiating skills.
     This situation has showed me how inadequate I am when it comes to negotiating a deal. It seems that some people are born negotiators. They can see subtle signs that allow them to haggle successfully with others. I am not a negotiator. I could not successfully haggle for a bag of Jelly Beans. But I am happy to have a friend who was able to negotiate a good deal for me. Thanks to him, I could realize my “Polish Dream”.


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