For those people who have good eyes, glasses may be totally useless, but for me they are the most important thing in my whole life. Glasses are small objects, consisting of two lenses framed in plastic or metal, which make my life easier every day. I got my first pair of prescription glasses when I was two years old. An ophthalmologist examined my eyes and concluded that I should wear corrective lenses. I was a little girl so my glasses were small. Since then I have had many different pairs of glasses and I cannot imagine living a day without them. My eyesight, which has never been good, became so bad that I could not do many everyday things like reading, writing, watching TV, cooking or cleaning without wearing prescription lenses. Glasses let me see the world around me, so I take them off only at night. Currently I have five pairs of glasses. Each of the frames has a different shape and color, but the lenses are of the same strength. I chose a pair every morning to match my clothes and my mood. Glasses are for me what jewelry, a scarf or nice handbag are for other women. They are my most important accessories. Often I hear compliments from strangers who ask me where I bought my frames. They are disappointed when I explain that I have brought them from Europe. I have a great sentimental attachment to eye glasses in general, and I am always thankful to their inventor. When I watch a film, where someone loses his glasses or they get broken, I am moved to tears. I react like this because I think how I would feel in the same situation. I take care of my glasses like an art collector. They are my most treasured possession and I never leave them in an inappropriate place. They have their own cases, and small cloths that I use to polish the lenses. For many people glasses are ordinary things, but for me, who could not live without them, they are the most important and valuable objects that I posses. They are my second eyes.


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